How I Help Your Business

Think of me as your Solutioneer, someone that can work with you to under understand your business, your passion, and provide operational and technology improvements to make your business more efficient and profitable with your customers happier than ever…

Fractionary - how I help people

Many clients have come to me over the years where their business just isn’t performing, and technology is hindering rather than enhancing their business.  My background as an Operations and Technology leader affords me a rare ability to understand how businesses can become more operationally efficient and better use IT systems affect the performance and profitability of a business. I use this to advise on how to move forward with clarity and efficiency.

How I Work

Providing independent expert advice, I help companies to improve, grown and become more successful by:

Step One

Understand your business
and strategy

I attack all problems through a strategic lens, first gathering insights and understanding on the business, with the aim of understanding the businesses goals.  Then working with the customer to develop an operations and technology strategy, breaking down the improvement plan into deliverable actions.

Step Two

Analysis and Improvement

Working with key stakeholders I work to understand and improve the operations within the business, optimising workflows, and processes to reduce time and energy across the business.  I help to build a foundation of efficiency, by identifying where automation can realistically make an impact. I combine this with processes that optimise resources and free up your staff to deliver your strategy.

Step Three

Technology Assessment and Selection

Once the areas for improvement are identified, working with the business to assess technology solutions and services from potential partners and vendors.  Using my extensive IT and technology supplier selection and management experience to assist in selecting the right solution and partner for your business.  My holistic understanding of the product-scape allows me to decipher between the products that are ‘all show’ and those that can have a significant impact now and into the future.

Step Four

Unleash the potential of

Providing support and oversight for the implementation of technology across the business, ensuring that best practice approaches are followed.  I help businesses implement the solution working with their partner to drive the identified efficiencies and delivery of the optimised processes identified.  Working with your partners ensuring integrations are implemented and tested to unleash the potential of modern, robust IT solutions.

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My Mission

Peter focuses on helping SMEs in the Sussex, Surrey and London areas, with a simple mission of helping make those businesses better.  He provides a high level of knowledge and expertise in Operations and IT gained from start-ups to FTSE100 companies over two decades.

With the awareness that most SMEs don’t have access to this level of resource due to cost, his part-time model is designed give cost effective access and enable his customers business to increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

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