Operational Optimisation

With my experience as a leader in businesses across a wide range of sectors, I can objectively view and understand the operational problems your organisation experiences and help you to improve processes, drive efficiency and boost revenue generation.

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How I Work

I work with the key stakeholders to understand what the business strategy is and how the success of that is measured.  I then work with your team to understand your business processes, through interviews, workshops and conversations.  This allows me to look at the functions across your business and where optimisation, integrations and efficiencies can be achieved.

I help companies to:

business ideas

I start by listening to make your business more efficient, profitable and with increased customer satisfaction.


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Business Planning

Service development is important, but without a robust business strategy and plan even the best services won’t take flight. I use my experience and objective vision to identify where the business structure and strategy is struggling, recommending improvements that will give your business the best leg up towards commercial success.

Process Improvements

Optimised processes can help increase productivity, reduce costs, and generate bigger profit margins. Through a process of observation and discussion, I identify and recommend potential process improvements, including providing independent advice on software solutions and automations. 

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Commercial Forecasting

Questions I regularly ask include: Have you looked deeply at your commercials to make sure you’re going to make the profitability you are expecting from your services? How are you measuring the success of your team? Have you got true visibility on your profit and loss? I can help you to understand the commercial markers and identify early on how to improve revenue potential of your services.

Improving service delivery

Keeping customers happy starts in the back office, through product delivery and continues all the way to the regular communications you keep with them.  I can assess the full commercial journey, from setting KPIs to outlining the communications that will keep your customers show your customers not just your expertise, but the quality standards and the extra measures you take to make your service exceptional. With the knowledge that I bring, you’ll gain transparency and understanding, and be capable of delivering a high-end service maintains interest, authority, and engagement with your services.

Want to know more?

“Peter from Fractionary has been a great benefit to Tactic Hub.  His ability to understand our business and aims, then shape our IT functions to support this has significantly improved our use of technology.  His flexible approach working with us really works and he feels like another member of the leadership team.”

– Michael Walliss, Managing Director