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With well over a decade working withing, running and owning Managed Services IT companies, there isn’t much Peter hasn’t seen, big or small, good or bad.  Now Peter is on a mission to help MSP’s to make their businesses great, growing profitability and customer satisfaction.

Peter Mills Founder of Fractionary

Aren't All MSP's the same?

There is a common misconception that all MSPs do the same thing in the same way.  Nothing could be further from the reality of the MSP world!  Having worked with, in and around MSPs since 2004, I can tell you that no two MSPs are the same.  The main difference is culture and how they go about delivering service to the customers, so how do you set yourself apart?

Fractionary - Independent Operations and IT Leadership

Do you struggle to communicate well with your customer and show them all the fantastic services you provide, a lot of which happens in the background.  How do you build a relationship based on trust, fulfilling their desire to be able to focus on their business and leave the technology and IT to you?

How do you control your services, ensuring that everything you do delights your customers, but at the same time ensures you’re a profitable and growing company.  Enabling you to further invest in your business and grow your services for the benefit of your customers and your business? 

If you want to know more...

Fractionary - Independent Operations and IT Leadership

“We asked Peter to carry out a review of our IT systems and specifically around security.  Based on his recommendations we significantly increased the security of our IT.  He also worked with our IT Partner to design a new wireless network to expand coverage across our facility, to future proof our systems to ensure our customers have the best experience. He continues to support our business, ensuring we’re always driving our IT forward.”

– Keith Howell – Chairman – Kingswear Park

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