Technology & IT Advisor

Whether you have internal IT resources or an outsourced IT partner, you need to be sure that it’s delivery great service to your business.  That the answers to your business needs are ‘Yes’, enabling your business to grow!

Outsourced Technology Advice​

How I Work

My services have been developed to support your organisational needs by providing independent and objective advice that guides you towards the most robust and efficient IT practices, saving you time and money, while increasing the capability and service of your IT functions.

I work with businesses to ensure your technology and IT function is:

Fractionary - Independent Operations and IT Leadership

I am an expert at navigating the common IT challenges that businesses face, including:


IT Crisis


Upscaling and
Growth Strategy


IT Optimisation


Regulatory Advice


Fractionary - Independent Technology Advice

Independent Technology Advice

I don’t receive commission or any other benefits from partners, vendors or any other business. This means my advice is independent and based entirely on what’s best for your business after a thorough assessment of your challenges and needs. To help your business thrive, I recommend the best technologies and partners to implement them.

Partner Management

Partners are often used to deliver technology needs, whether it’s IT support for infrastructure, cyber security or business software.  We can help you manage your partner relationships to ensure you’re getting the best results.

Fractionary - Partner Management
Fractionary - Team Optimisation

Team Optimisation

Under the burden of pressure, internal technical teams can run into difficulty managing the day to day. When faced with the prospect of implementing new technologies that could enable your business to grow, they may even default to a ‘no’ response. With management solutions, I can help you make your technology teams an asset for your business, increasing your ability to grow.

IT Partner Selection

Selecting the right IT partner for support, security or business applications is essential, but without senior IT skills in house it can be a minefield. I work to understand the business needs, create and run a selection process, oversee transition from old to new and support bedding in the new partner for as long as necessary.

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